March 26, 2021

A Little Closer Together

It's been a while since I posted and I wanted to give a brief update to share some of the videos I've recently released.

They are reflections of how I've attempted to cope with isolation and my hope is that they can serve as resources for you.

Hopefully the stories and lessons captivate your interest in climate science, the environment and our collective future.

I hope that these videos can help to bring us a little closer together.

If you support making climate science more accessible, consider subscribing to my MargoLAB YouTube channel.

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There's a lot more coming and I'll do my best to post new videos here, but in case I forget... subscribe!


The first MargoLAB Channel Trailer

MargoLAB Channel Highlights from 2015-2020

Planning for Arctic Andy and the 2021 Northwest Passage Expedition

The first Climate Sci-Fi Movie Review, covering The Midnight Sky

My first Chat, with Wild Postcard Project founders, Drs. Eileen Diskin and Angela Stevenson

A new series, How The Ocean Works

Six new Arctic Andy's Tales From A Floe episodes... and whole lot more to come in 2021!